What to Expect

What to expect as a new Patient:

After a thorough history, examination, and x-ray series (if necessary) have been completed, Dr. Suri will review his findings with you (which may be on the 1st or 2nd visit depending on your condition, severity, and testing required). He will then explain the treatment program he has designed for you. If your informed decision is to follow Dr. Suri's recommendations then your therapeutic stage of care will begin.

Patient participation (ask questions, do 'homework', read provided information regarding your condition, etc.) is highly encouraged in Dr. Suri's holistic approach to better health, which includes: gentle chiropractic techniques, stretching and strengthening protocols, acupressure, gentle and deep therapeutic massage.

Additionally stress reducing modalities such as yoga and Tai-chi (of which Dr. Suri has been practicing and teaching for over 15 years) are often incorporated into patient treatment programs.

As a chiropractor Dr. Suri is qualified and authorized to make a diagnosis and refer to other healthcare providers. Be assured, that at any time during your care if Dr. Suri determines you need to see another type healthcare professional he will tell you and make the appropriate referral.